Vivaldi 5.2

A hyper-customisable browser that puts you in control

Nowadays, there are lots of web-browsers to choose from, each providing new features and functionalities, thus forcing big companies like Google, Mozilla, or Opera software to continuously improve their services too.
One of these small companies, Vivaldi Technologies, developed Vivaldi, an intuitive and stylish web-browser, based in the Chromium engine.

Vivaldi has a standard interface, very similar to the Opera browser. It includes lots of tabs, each serving a specific purpose and it's quite easy to navigate between them, either with a mouse or with keyboard shortcuts. One cool feature is the possibility of customizing the browser appearance, either by selecting a preset theme or by creating a new one from the Themes tab.

As per its functional features, Vivaldi has a pretty neat feature, called Site Info, that offers users lots of useful information about sites, like cookies, site data, not to mention the possibility of managing Permissions and Connection settings.

Moreover, users can group their bookmarks into categories, write notes of webpages and manage contacts information.

It also keeps your data private when you browse in a Private Window and it ensures that the data you synchronize between devices is encrypted.

To sum it up, Vivaldi may not be the most used web browser globally, but it embeds multiple smart features that make your browsing experience more enjoyable. Still, as it updates it uses lots of system memory and it disturbs your online browsing.

John Saunders
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  • Allows bookmarks grouping
  • Offers detailed site information
  • Encrypts synchronized data


  • Uses lots of system memory
  • Has too many update notifications
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